Voter Information


Are You Eligible to Vote?

Click below to check your registration status and learn which voting districts you are in. If your results show ‘State House 94‘ you can vote for Danielle!

Alabama residents can register to vote online here. The last day to register to vote or update your registration is the 15th day prior to the election.

Where is Your Current Polling Place?

Some Baldwin County voting precincts were changed in 2018. Make sure you know where to go on election day. Click below to find your polling location. Find the address on a map, and be aware of the opening and closing hours.

Unable to Vote on Election Day?

Sometimes there are obstacles that can prevent you from making it to the polls to vote on election day. But your vote is still important! Make sure your voice is heard and vote by absentee ballot if any of the following will apply to you on election day:

  • will be absent from the County on election day
  • working a required shift for 10 hours or more coinciding with polling hours
  • are ill or have a physical disability preventing a trip to your polling place
  • registered Alabama voter living outside of the County (Armed Forces, employed outside the U.S., college student or spouse/child of such a person)
  • appointed election officer or poll watcher at location besides your own polling place

To vote by absentee ballot, you must fill out and submit an application at least 5 days before the election. Once approved, you are mailed an absentee ballot. You must mail your ballot in time to be received by your absentee election manager BEFORE election day. To learn more about absentee voting, certain exceptions and to download an application, click the button below.


November 6th

Add the date to your calendar and make sure you are registered to vote!