Danielle's Values

Take Responsibility.

In Baldwin County, we’re blessed to have been born in — or blessed to have found — one of the most beautiful places in America. This is a critical time for our county, especially the rapidly growing and diverse District 94, which stretches from Fairhope to Magnolia Springs, Foley to Point Clear, and Robertsdale to Weeks Bay. Change is happening so quickly all around us, and more and more we need to remember the values that root us, to strategically plan for smart growth, and to prepare for the opportunities and challenges ahead. I will be honored to accept the responsibility that comes with being your representative in these transitional times. I will work with energy and determination to preserve the things we’re proud of and lead us into a future of prosperity.

Work Hard. Work Smart.

For too long, we’ve settled for elected officials who talk a lot but accomplish little.  For too long, we’ve sent our tax dollars upstate without seeing a fair return. Coastal Alabama’s state representatives need to work together as one unit — like my grandfather’s mules in a harness — to secure our share of great jobs, quality and safe schools, good roads and good health care.  Compared to cities such as Montgomery, Huntsville and Birmingham, we are underfunded and underserved on these basics.  In addition, as a coastal area that’s 21 percent water and the rainiest place in America, Baldwin County direly needs investment in runoff, sewage and anti-erosion projects to keep our waters clean.  And, whether you’re a tech worker in Foley, a student nurse in Fairhope, or a farmer in Summerdale who needs to check cotton prices, high-speed internet is now an important utility. These goals and more are achievable. As a lawyer with a focus on bankruptcy, I am well experienced in negotiation and fiscal responsibility. As a community leader, I am a proven coalition builder.  As a third-generation Baldwin County resident, and mother of two fourth-generation children, I have the heart for good, hard work and the sense to want better for District 94. Together, we can build a better future for our families and the place we call home.

Create Opportunity.

No matter who we are or what we do for a living, we all want to lead happy and healthy lives, and we want to feel valued for what we do. Give Alabamians the opportunity to succeed, and they will build a strong community in which everyone prospers. If my child’s teacher can afford to have a good home in our community and provide for his own family, my child will reap the rewards of a happier, more motivated teacher. And when people have job opportunities where they can earn enough to meet their needs, we all benefit from the money that flows back into our local economy. Whether you’re a daycare worker or a doctor, a mechanic or a small business owner, we are all Alabamians and all connected. We work, we provide services, and we build and sell products. At the same time, we’re also customers who support local businesses, we’re parents who want great teachers, coaches, and doctors for our kids, and we’re homeowners and renters  who want safe, clean neighborhoods where we can retire with security. When we create opportunities for individuals to succeed, we all benefit.

Be Honest. Be Open.

I will listen and be accountable to the people of District 94.  Our state needs to end personal scandals and back-room politics. Period.  Years of closed-door proceedings in Montgomery have eroded citizens’ trust in our State’s leadership. Knowing what our legislators are up to is the first step in ensuring honest, ethical representation.  As your representative, my door will be open. I am beginning my campaign with a listening tour, and I pledge to continue to be attentive to your concerns.




November 6th

Add the date to your calendar and make sure you are registered to vote!