Legislative Priorities

Leading Ethically.

The news out of Montgomery should be about what our elected officials are doing for the state of Alabama and NOT which elected official might be going to jail next. Our state must end years of closed-door proceedings and backroom politics in Montgomery. Unfortunately, our legislature recently voted to weaken Alabama’s ethics law. We can and must do better.

Alabamians deserve competent, transparent, ethical leaders in government who will collaborate with constituents to find innovative solutions to our challenges. As your representative, I will work to build people’s trust in our state leadership. I will be transparent, and my door will always be open. I will be accountable to you, and my focus will be solving the challenges facing the people of Alabama with honesty and integrity.

Preserving Our Resources and Growing Our Industries.

Growing up on Mobile Bay, my sister and I spent summers swimming and boating with our dad.  The only things we worried about in the water were barnacles and jellyfish, and our biggest concern was missing the early morning phone call announcing, “Jubilee!”  In the late 90s, that started to change. Some people got sick and lots of folks stopped swimming and eating seafood from the Bay.  As a kid, I thought this change was out of our control.  As an adult, I know better.

All too often we hear about sewage spills affecting our creeks and bays, “runoff” after rainstorms, and high levels of dangerous bacteria in places we used to swim. Throughout the county, health departments routinely issue warnings about seafood and what bodies of water are safe for recreation. Now more than ever, we need smart policies to preserve the resources we enjoy and the industries that depend on them. We should be growing the Alabama seafood industry, not worried about its future. And with 40% of Alabama’s tourism revenue coming from Coastal Alabama, we should be welcoming visitors to the Baldwin County I grew up in, and not turning them away with “not safe for swimming” signs.

As residents of Coastal Alabama, playing in the water with our kids is our birthright, and eating flounder from the bay is part of our culture.  We must reclaim it.

Building the Future for Our Children.

My husband and I welcomed our son on March 31, 2015, the day Baldwin County voted down our school tax renewals.  That day, we voted to give this new generation less than we were given. As a graduate of Fairhope public schools and the mother of two children who will attend Fairhope schools, I was disappointed by our short-sighted departure from what has traditionally been a strong community commitment to our children.

Montgomery politicians have led the effort to weaken our public schools at a time when our state should be investing in our children’s futures. We know that education is essential to building a competitive workforce, and a competitive workforce is the key to a strong economy. Now is the time to make that investment both for our state and our district.

When our son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at two weeks old, my husband and I had to learn very quickly about our healthcare system. Alabama has some of the highest rates in the nation for infant mortality, maternal mortality, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and premature death. We need pragmatic, innovative solutions to improve our public health and provide access to quality, comprehensive healthcare in Alabama – not partisan posturing. You don’t play politics with people’s lives.


November 6th

Add the date to your calendar and make sure you are registered to vote!